Social Media Monitoring
360 Degrees of your Brand

Your brand isn’t just what you say it is. It’s also about what your employees, customers, prospects, competitors, and world at large say it is. As we like to say, a brand is the sum of all conversations, and in the fast-moving and dynamic world of social media, you want to have a handle on how your brand is being perceived out there.

Do you have a social media strategy?
You better get one before your competition does.

Customers are talking about your business. With a social media monitoring strategy, you will know what they are saying and have the ability to join the conversation as it happens, where it’s happening.

Your customer service team can answer questions and inquiries while sharing this information with your sales staff or product development team. The Engagement Console helps your staff monitor social media conversations and allows them to work together to ensure that customers receive not just a response, but the right response, each and every time.


Radian6 Engagement Console - Salesforce Chatter SupportSalesforce Chatter Support
Stay in the loop inside your organization without ever having to leave the Engagement Console with our Chatter stack support. Developed by, Chatter is an enterprise collaboration tool that allows users to communicate and share data in a secure and private environment.


Radian6 Engagement Console - Real Time CoordinationReal-Time Coordination
See who else has a post selected and whether they’re responding – in real time. Do quick searches for user assignments. Pull up a stack of just your tasks to act on the posts assigned to you. And respond to Tweets, posts, threads, or blog comments right from the platform.

Radian6 Engagement Console - Complete Activity HistoryComplete Activity & Conversation History
See the conversation threads, in real time, as users respond. Keep the conversation history on record, and preserve the audit trail of interactions, responses, and notes to see the 360-degree view of the activity around a specific post.

Radian6 Engagement Console - Social ProfileSocial Profiles
See a user’s full profile to get a 360-degree view of their online presence. And with a click, check out your conversation history and notes for that person, and add identifying source tags to give context to your ongoing interactions.

Radian6 Engagement Console - Efficiency and ProductivityEfficiency and Productivity
Build one-click workflow profiles to assign priority, status, sentiment and assignments to multiple posts with a single click. Share these macros with your entire team, or just those working with you on a project. Make your listening process faster and more efficient, and turn the social web into manageable and actionable insights.

Radian6 Engagement Console - Twitter IntegrationTwitter Integration
Skip the separate Twitter client, and build Twitter stacks right next to your Radian6 searches. Reply, retweet, and DM right from the platform from multiple Twitter accounts, browse Twitter profiles and follow new contacts, and shorten URLs automatically.

Radian6 Engagement Console - Facebook IntegrationFacebook Integration
Keep an eye on your company’s Facebook wall posts, status updates, new comments and “likes”. Or see the news feed for your Facebook friends and leave your own comments or status updates without leaving the Engagement Console.