Google Apps for Business 101 - Sign Me Up!

A demo of the Google Apps products and why enterprises are switching to them.

1 in 5 companies have 'Gone Google'. In larger organizations, and in certain industries that rate is even higher.

Attend our 'Google Apps for Business 101' webinar you will learn what Google Apps is, and what advantages your peers are gaining as a result of making the move.

Webinar Agenda (60 minutes)

Part 1: The Value of Google Apps

  • What is Google Apps?
  • Who is adopting Google Apps (stats by industry, organisation size)
  • Why are companies making the switch
  • Q&A

Part 2: Hands on Demo

  • Enterprise messaging with Google Mail & Calendar
  • Real time collaboration with Google Docs
  • Google Sites as a Sharepoint alternative
  • Q&A

Part 3: Making the Case

  • How to build a business case to assess the costs and benefits of a move
  • Top business case drivers others have successfully used
  • Q&A

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